Let me introduce myself.  I am in the 2ww of  my 8th and last IVF cycle.  It has been a long and difficult path.  Along the way, I have stubbed my toes on plenty of rocks and tripped into lots of thorny patches.  My goal in this blog is to note what worked for me and what didn’t work – everything from “how I got happy with the idea of DE” to “how to remove the black gummy residue that estrogen patches leave”, in the hopes that it might be helpful to other people who are walking this way.

Maybe there is something useful for you in here.



  1. luna said

    hi and welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading more about your story. seems you have a lot of practical wisdom to share.

    wishing you well as you write through the wait.

  2. Lisa DG said

    You story is very close to mine. The marriage at 35, the what the f*#!- I’m not pregnant yet feelings and the trying and trying and trying to make it work. I may have been more obsessive, but I did get pregnant and carried to 19 weeks. Had a “fluke”- my water broke which I am told never happens. Anyway, the almost success kept me going longer than I think I would have. Now I am 40 and waiting for my DE cycle to start…funny how things happen, Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

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