The ins and outs of progesterone

Progesterone in sesame oil, olive oil, ethyl oleate; progesterone suppositories; Crinone – I’ve been on it all and had plenty of the little disasters that accompany them.   Follow me in the next couple of posts as I explain the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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  1. Kelly said

    I love reading your posts…. but can you PLEASE post to let everyone know about EMLA??? It’s the best! I am terrified of injections, and the ONLY way I got through IVF and the dredded PIO injections was to use it.

    RE’s need to know about it and to prescribe it more! (I asked my RE to prescribe it, and was shocked when he asked me how to write for it. I had to grab his PDR and look it up. And he’s been practicing for many years!)

    The script would be for Lidocaine and Prilocaine – 2.5%/2.5% – One 30 gm tube

    The only somewhat bad thing about it is that it needs to be applied at least an hour, but preferably 1.5 to 2 hrs before injecting the PIO. You spread it (thickly) on the area, then cover it with a Tegaderm dressing. (a square of double thick Saran Wrap with paper medical tape works just as well.)

    By the time you are ready to inject, you will be nice and numb. You won’t feel the needle going in at all. The only thing that is slightly uncomfortable would be as the PIO is injected… that can slightly burn, but it’s not bad at all!

    There’s also a spray that you can use… it’s called Gebaurer’s Pain Ease. You simply spray it on the area for a few seconds… until the skin turns a little white… then you are ready to go. It is also prescription only, though. Your doc would need to write for 1 btl of it, and the cost is around $25. (You can get about 50 uses out of the one spray bottle.)

    I personally prefer the EMLA for deeper anesthesia (the Gebaurer’s only numbs the cutaneous layer, while the EMLA numbs much more deeply) but the Gebaurer’s is nice for people who would forget to numb in advance.

    Thanks for listening… and please pass the word along. Every fertility patient should at least have the advantage to ask for it!

    ~ Kelly

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