Update #2 (preg ment) (update updated)

There were some requests for updates so I am going to revise my previous policy about not talking about the P word on this blog, although it will not be the predominant topic of conversation.  Any post that talks about my current at least temporarily knocked-up situation will have preg ment in the title, so you can skip those easily if you don’t want to deal with that stuff.  And if things start going south there will be m/c ment up in the title and you will know it will be safe to jump back in to my story soon.

I know, I am a flower of optimism.

I had beta # 2 on Saturday.  The result was ????.  I waited by the phone all day but the RE on call called my husband instead, who was travelling and had his phone turned off.  On top of that, the RE did not realize I am cycling remotely so she did not give us any exact numbers to pass on to my clinic.  Instead we found a cryptic message that said beta # 2 is “very, very good” but my TSH (thyroid) values suggest “I should come in next week to discuss how to manage my hormones.”    And our clinic does not have an answering service on the weekend.  Cr*p.

Now I am not complaining about a very, very good beta but holy poop, batman, how is a paranoid infertile supposed to type her beta numbers into internet search engines to find out exactly how very, very good they are?  And what’s with the TSH? – I don’t even know if it is too low or too high, let alone by how much.   My guess is that it is too low, since I have more or less lost my short-term memory.  I am embarrassed to admit this but my concentration is so poor I find it difficult to follow the dialogue on TV shows, and my todo list for each day has on it (1) remember to eat and (2) remember to take your meds – so far doing OK on #2 but #1 is not working out so well.  Help!  I need numbers, man, or how am I going to take advantage of Dr. Google (or gee, maybe Dr. My Real RE)?

[One thing you can conclude from the previous paragraph is a built-in apology if this post is totally incoherent.]

On top of that, when I called the clinic when they opened this morning to finally get the results they said they didn’t have them yet.  How they can call me on Saturday to tell me there is a problem with my TSH but on Monday know nothing about it is beyond me.  Note: normally my local clinic is fantastic, but right now my emotional range has been substantially altered by massive injections of progesterone, estrogen, and, hopefully, HCG, and I have no patience for this.   Fortunately I get to complain here a bit and thereby spare my normally wonderful, friendly clinic from my wrath.

Will let you know when I do what is up.

*** Update to add: I do know what  is up!!

Beta # 2 = 519.  So “very, very good” means it tripled in 2 days.  That is very very good.

And my TSH is too high.  Maybe my new-found  stupidity is all-natural.



  1. peeveme said

    Congrats! The beat sound very, very good indeed. You you don’t sound overly annoyed at all. I’d be pissed if I did not have my EXACT number as well.

  2. Phoebe said

    Who hoo!! Congrats on your second beta!

    So what is your TSH? Just curious.

    • nishkanu said

      It is 4.4; my clinic treats anything over 2.3. And have I mentioned that I am not a doctor? It turns out that when your TSH is too high, that means your thyroid is asleep. And when your TSH is too low, your thyroid is on overdrive. So my zombie-like behavior makes sense after all.

  3. Lisa said

    I’m so glad you found my blog because it led me to yours! Our stories, while not identical, are quite similar. This is also my 8th (or 9th, if you count an IUI cycle that I was hoping would be upgraded to an IVF) but our first with DE. I also did 2 cycles at Cornell, although it was local for me.

    So glad to read about your positive and tripling betas and hope that I’m only a week and a half behind you!!! I look forward to continuing to read your story!

  4. Congratulations on that huge beta#2! Found you on the DE board in the Ballroom – what a story. I am crossing everything that this is the charm for you!

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