How to get your ultrasound early (preg ment)

Well, after my last whiney post Monday night, I was actually feeling pretty good on Tuesday.  I was nauseous, but not too painfully nauseous, and I was barfing, but not that much and most of the food was staying down.  I figured I had my morning sickness tactics down and it was gonna be relatively smooth sailing from here on out.

Then Tuesday night I had a major barf event during which I burned out my esophagus.  Ouch.  And couldn’t sleep that night because it hurt too much.  Wednesday morning I got up feeling like I got hit by a truck.  And had lost my appetite for even the limited “starch n sugar” food group that is my current dietary mainstay.  And puked up most of what I tried to get down anyway.  Our clinic is shut this week, but I talked to the backup doctor on call, who suggested that I try ginger tea and if that didn’t work it was time to hit the meds.  I did try the ginger tea and promptly puked it back up.  I didn’t really want to try the meds until my ‘real’ local doc is back, but after being up half the night puking (even though there wasn’t anything in my stomach to come up) I decided it was time to get real and take the meds.  That was 5AM.

At 6AM I started to notice that the nausea was finally going down and I looked forward to getting some sleep.  A minute later I thought “oh my god, I gotta go to the bathroom now!” and raced to the toilet.  Then all hell broke loose, I thought I was gonna massively vomit and er… expel in the other direction at the same time, I was totally dizzy, had a massive hot flash, sweating, etc.  I called out to Mr. Nishkanu and he came in, saw my eyes rolling back in my head, and went to call an ambulance.

In the end, everything was OK.  The medication had made my heart rate and blood pressure drop, which caused a circulatory collapse, but I pepped up again relatively quickly, and no damage done.  The only problem is that this medication is the only medication allowed against nausea for pregnant women in this country.  They are switching me to the kiddie dose in the hopes that I can handle that.

But the good thing?  Of course they wanted to check and see that everything was still OK down there.  And so I can happily report: a singleton pregnancy, good heart beat, doc said the little one looked happy and healthy.  Mr. Nishkanu was very, very, very relieved.   And because it was unexpected I didn’t even get a chance to dread that big milestone ultrasound.  And I felt so worn out when they went to do the ultrasound that even though I knew intellectually I should be terrified I couldn’t get up the energy to be terrified.  So all in all we got that done really pain-free.

The other good thing?  I was so embarrassed to call the doctor yesterday and complain about nausea.  But he took me seriously, was really helpful, and said that we should be able to get the barfing under control.  And when I complained about not being able to work, he did not say “S*ck it up, do you think you are the first woman to get pregnant?”  Instead he said “that is your body’s way of protecting yourself and the pregnancy and making sure you don’t overdo it.  If you find it hard to work, you should go on sick leave.” I suddenly felt like I got the permission slip to not feel bad about how hard this pregnancy is for me.  It’s just harder for some people than others, that’s how it is.

Slept the rest of the day, and then Mr. Nishkanu went to the store and bought 10 new easy-to-digest food items so that my diet doesn’t have to consists 100% of pretzel sticks and plain pasta, no sauce.  And the meds really did stop the barfing, at least for today, and I could drink and eat again.  So far, so good.

And won’t my RE be surprised when he gets back from vacation and finds out somebody jumped the ultrasound gun on him?



  1. Whoa…that hospital visit and the expelling from both directions does NOT SOUND COOL…. ouch!! I’m glad that a very beautiful thing came out of the experience (perhaps I should rephrase that? nah) and you got to see a little bean, hopefully giving you all that trouble right now will mean an angelic child… YEAH RIGHT!! 😉

    dude, don’t be afraid to bitch and moan about MS. some people have it so bad they have to be hospitalised and yours sounds about the same.

    look after yourself… and keep the bucket handy!!

  2. Phoebe said

    I’m glad you’re ok. I think when we spend so much effort and grief on trying to conceive, we forget that pregnancy and having a child are supposed to be the hard parts, not conceiving!!

  3. Katie said

    WOW! I am so excited for you. Apart from the puke marathon, this is all great news! Congratulations!

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