The view from the sofa (preg ment)

Apologies, I am feeling too cr*p to spend time online.  The activity around here will likely be minimal for a while, my major goals for the day are to (a) take in some reasonable number of calories and fluids and (b) avoid puking the calories and fluids back up again.  My success level varies but so far am avoiding serious dehydration which is the most important thing.   Physically doing not so great, but emotionally doing well since I have accepted that the little one is in control of my body right now and as long as it is happy, I am happy, even if I have my head in the toilet.  All household chores and labour have fallen on Mr. Nishkanu’s shoulders who is being uncomplainingly wonderful.  Today he spent doing both of our taxes while shuttling easily digestible food items and beverages from the kitchen to my spot on the sofa (if I go in the kitchen to get it myself I get extremely nauseous – esp. opening the refrigerator door is torture, ick).  He deserves a medal.

Hope you are all doing well out there.



  1. Ouf. You poor thing. So sorry you’ve been overtaken but as you pointed out… it’s a good thing. I hope you find some relief somehow, but if not… you are strong and can make it through this!

  2. Lisa DG said

    In a sick way, you can “almost” revel in the nausea knowing that each day brings you closer to your live baby- and no housework is a bonus!

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