Ode to a barfbucket (preg ment)

My dear little barfbucket,
How I do love you!
My faithful companion through thick and through thin,
My steadfast support when the going is rough.
Others may turn away in disgust when I barf,
But not you! You wait patiently,
Supporting my head with your plastic rim.

With you, my dear barfbucket,
I can lie on the sofa,
Watching the World Snooker Championships,
And not have to get up every time the gagging starts.
No! I can wait comfortably to see if things are serious
Instead of racing to the toilet in case its time to revisit my lunch.
And you never once say, “Snooker? You must be hard up for fun.”

And why – why – why
Why would I kneel on the bathroom floor,
Digging my bony knees into the tiles,
And hang my head over the toilet,
From which wafts a gentle scent of sewer water
Magnified by my pregnant nose to the stench of a thousand latrines,
When instead I can hold your warm scent-free plastic to my bosom
And upchuck from the comfort of the sofa?

Truly, dear barfbucket, you are a faithful friend
Of any person plagued by barf.

p.s. My HCG is finally coming down from a high of 130,000+ (this normally happens in weeks 8-11, I am starting week 10). And you know what that means? Nausea might go bye-bye soon! A girl can dream.

p.p.s. Little one still alive as of Monday.

p.p.p.s. Despite still being 7 lbs down from my starting weight I now have a fat roll around my middle and below that a mini-bump made by whatever the uterus is shoving out of the way.



  1. Been wondering about you. My nausea has been getting a bit worse, but nothing like the hell you’ve been through. Sheesh. Glad you’ve got your little barfbucket. Also glad that you’re LO is okay! Hang in there!

  2. Sophia said

    Hooray! Embrace the barf….it’s a sign of good things to come 🙂

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