Scare, but OK (preg ment)

OK, one day I am going to go back to my usual diet of ‘normal’ infertility-related postings, but that is going to have to wait until nausea has subsided a bit more.

In the meantime, yesterday we had our own little drama here. Friday evening, discussing what we will have for dinner, I pop into the toilet and… blood.

Yeah, in a way I feel like what the heck do I expect? It’s happening to everyone else right now, so it’s not really surprising that it would happen to me too.

1. It was brown blood, and not so insanely much.
2. Bleeding is very common in early pregnancy, and especially in early IVF pregnancy thanks to the artificially, ridiculously plumped-up lining.
3. Probably it means nothing.

Well, you can think all those things with your rational brain, and even speak them with your mouth to try to calm your sweetie, but fact is that a person would rather know these things intellectually than contemplate them while facing An Actual Situation In The Underpants.

Dinner became the bag of animal crackers we took along to the urgent care clinic and off we went. Doctor checked me out, was unimpressed with the quantity and color of bleeding, little one still alive and kicking (literally), amniotic sac looking great, then I got the “this is very common in early pregnancy and doesn’t mean diddley squat, don’t come back until you actually have some real bleeding to be concerned about” lecture. Which is actually a nice lecture to get, except when you are subsequently up half the night with cramping. But blessedly: no more bleeding. Our US clinic has us back on progesterone again (we had stopped on Monday night) just in case, which is fine by me.

My theory now is that the bleed was either random or progesterone-related, and that the cramps were actually caused by the pelvic exam itself. But my theory could be very, very wrong.

In any case, holding our breaths, but so far so good.

And when we got back from the hospital Mr. Nishkanu dropped me off at home for a nice barf while he went off to hunt-and-gather our dinner. Came home with a veggie burger and fries for me. The veggie burger was inedible to me owing to Pregnant Mouth which makes some food items taste very, very, very gross but the fries, which I had pooh-poohed as indigestible, turned out to be a very delicious meal, complete with mayo as a healthy, low-fat, highly digestible sauce. And when I finished my large portion of fries I started looking at Mr. Nishkanu’s portion with the expression of a dog who is too well-trained to actually steal something off its owner’s plate but not well-trained enough to stay away from the table while its master is eating. Mr. Nishkanu took pity on my expression and gave me what he had left in exchange for the uneaten veggie burger. And that was especially special because we have a holy, unviolable rule in our house, “Thou Shall Not Be Required To Share Thy Food, When It Is Good, Especially The Last Part of the Serving”. So I ended up eating 1 1/2 servings of french fries for dinner.

Who woulda believed this only a week or two ago? Soon I will be able to eat so well I will actually have to try to eat a balanced diet.



  1. Oh, jeez, not you too?! WTH? It does sound like you’re just fine though, certainly according to everything I’ve been told so far.

    Mmmmm, french fries. That sounds really good. I have been loving everything not that good for me. Doing a pretty good job of staying away from it. Currently love/crave frozen Chicken Fried Rice from Trader Joe’s.

    I’m so glad you are starting to eat a bit. I think you’re headed on your way out of this 1st trimester hell and on to more peaceful days!!

  2. Phoebe said

    I think any amount of blood during pg is nerve wracking, but yeah, brown is not big deal. Sorry for the TMI. Wishing you barf free days soon!

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