The groundhog saw its shadow (preg ment)

A few posts ago, I mentioned that it seemed like spring was on its way with respect to my ongoing massive nausea situation. Sadly I am here to report that the groundhog saw its shadow, and spring is still 6 weeks away. Or more literally probably 2 weeks.

Since Monday it has been back to our regularly scheduled Barf Fest program. My theory is that it is caused by going back on the progesterone suppositories after the little bleed incident – the OB had mentioned that my nausea might go down after going off them, so it is only logical that the nausea going back up might be from going back on them. But if it’s really from the progesterone, then it’s only 2 more weeks of barfbucket snuggle time – I’ll stop the progesterone again at the end of 12W. And having a deadline for it to stop makes it definitely more bearable.

One day…
One day I will work again.
And I will go to the gym and go weight-lifting.
And I will be able to eat whatever I want to.
And I will be able to take my vitamins without throwing them back up again.
And maybe one day is only 2 weeks away.


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