All is quiet on the belly front (preg ment)

Psssst.  Over here!

Shhhh, not so loud, you might wake it up!

What am I talking about?  The BELLY, of course.

The belly is sleeping…

Last week Monday-Wednesday were Total Barf Awareness days in this house.   Wednesday was particularly bad, I couldn’t eat anything all day except for instant soup, which is not your most filling menu choice.  In the evening Mr. Nishkanu came home from work and asked me what I wanted for dinner.  Without missing a beat, I said “French fries with mayo.”  He said “Really?  Are you serious?”

I was.

And I thought I might want a hamburger too, but I wasn’t sure if I could really eat it.  To be on the safe side, Mr. Nishkanu decided to get me a hamburger and a double serving of fries, so that if I couldn’t eat the hamburger, at least I would still get a “full” meal.  He went off to our local (totally fabulous) diner and I lay on the sofa gagging and cursing that it was taking 20 minutes for the food to come – I needed the fries now.   Finally he came back and handed me a big styrofoam take-out container.  I opened it to find a veritable Mt. Everest of french fries, complete with a crater lake of mayo.  Buried under the fries was a hamburger, which would have looked pretty giant too if it hadn’t been trying to compete with the largest heap of french fries ever made.

I ate the whole thing.  Burger and Everest.  I think I caught up with the calories I needed for the day.

To be honest, part of my motivation in eating my way through the entire thing was the feeling that as soon as I stopped eating the nausea would come back.  So when I finally polished off the giant thing I sat back nervously to see what happened.  Understandably my stomach felt kind of stretched out, but I wasn’t really particularly nauseous.  A prophylactic shower after dinner helped with the digestion and I went to bed thinking “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”

The next morning I woke up (11w 2d) and I was not nauseous.   Honestly, I did not really believe it.  I ate my breakfast in bed as usual and then laid around digesting for a half hour.  Got up, and waited for the other shoe to drop.  It did not. Took my shower, almost fell asleep in the shower and raced back into bed afterwards.  Passed out instantly, woke up and thought it was an hour later.  It was actually 3 hours later.  But still no nausea.  And so the day continued.

It was a f*cking miracle.

I didn’t know if this was the proverbial “morning sickness suddenly going away” or just a brief nausea vacation, but that night I went to bed saying a little prayer of thanks that I had had one day of peace from the constant massive nausea situation.

Friday morning I woke up at 4:30 AM and had a good barf.  Then I went back to sleep and when I woke up again?  No nausea.  The day wasn’t quite as nausea-free as Thursday, but it was still 1,000 times better than Monday-Wednesday.  Saturday I woke up nausea-less again and decided to live on the wild side and not take my anti-nausea meds.  This was at first intended to just be an experiment but when we left town overnight and I actually forgot my anti-nausea meds it got to be serious.   I was kind of bumming about the situation around about dinner time because I was getting into major barf territory, but I ate a small plate of noodles and belly was happy as a clam again. Hey, what do you know, those anti-morning-sickness tips on the regular pregnancy websites actually work if you are not in hyperemesis-land!

Well, you get the idea.  Since then things have been just unbelievably much better than they were until recently.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still walking around in a brain-dead, sleepy fog, and I enjoy daiy waves of nausea, gagging, heartburn, stomach ache, etc., but there is just No Comparison whatsoever between my current situation and the perma-stomach-churn that characterized the last 5 weeks.

In fact, it is a little amazing how quickly you can forget how miserable you were.  I know intellectually that the last 5 weeks have been total hell, that every day was a struggle and an effort to get through from morning ’till evening, and every morning felt like Groundhog Day, with another day of suffering with little I could do about it.  I definitely spent quite some time thinking that if we want to have another child, maybe adoption is a more attractive option than attempting another DE pregnancy.  But now that the nausea is manageable?  My emotional reaction is, “Piece of cake!  These past few weeks were no big deal!  Everything is fine!”

So.  In theory I am back to work again today, in practice I am discovering that I still have a lot of challenges to overcome from not having had a regular schedule for the last many weeks (right now I work alone from home with is not the optimal situation for a lady in pregnancy fog).   Today I managed to do 4 things: (1) ordered some belly bands so that I don’t once again walk down the street with my pants undone, having forgotten that I undid them in a moment of discomfort (2) went to the GYM and spent 15 minutes on the ELLIPTICAL at the very lowest setting, which is the most challenging workout I have had in a long time, believe me (3) went grocery shopping and (4) cooked myself a healthy dinner.  That may not sound too impressive but it is 4 more things than I have managed on most days recently, so it will have to do for now.  Though I am hoping I will still manage item 5, doing the dishes.  Don’t count on that, though, folks!



  1. chicklet said

    Woohoo for feeling even SLIGHTLY better! Yahoo!

  2. Ana said

    yeah! you’re giving me hope!

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