Change of course

When I started this blog, it was intended to be a “what you always wanted to know about infertility and IVF, and I painfully learned over 8 IVF cycles” blog.  I had no concept that I would actually end up pregnant or that that could possibly be a topic for this blog.

Now it has been 6 weeks since my last general infertility post.  And although I still have more general infertility-related posts up my sleeve, and in fact every pregnancy-related post is also infertility-related since there is no separating the two after 5 years of trying, 7 failed cycles, multiple losses, etc., the fact is that I think it is time to accept that this blog is probably going to be about DE pregnancy for a while.  I imagine I have already scared off all the readers who find the pregnancy posts difficult, but if you are still out there faithfully waiting for a non-pregnancy post that you can actually read… well, all I can do is apologize and say The Other Kind is likely to predominate for a while, since this blog springs from my life and that’s what’s going on right now.

(On the positive side, hey, you never know, the miscarriage might be right around the door!)

So: from now on, I am going to abandon the practice of special-labelling (preg ment) the posts that talk about my current knocked-up situation.   It’s safer just to assume that posts are likely to be preg-related unless the title suggests a return to the general infertility advice topics.



  1. It’s good of you to make this clear. Although personally, I’ve never understood how someone could know that a cycle (DE or otherwise) worked and then get offended if the blogger writes primarily about that. As if she wouldn’t? Or couldn’t? I know it’s hard to read if you are suffering, I really do know that. But it seems sort of asking for it if you keep reading a blog that is most likely going to be focused on something that brings you pain. I’ve had people disappear from my blog now that I’m pregnant. Maybe I’m boring now that I have less drama. Maybe they can’t take it. I’m not really offended either way. I would be if someone got miffed because I was writing about something that took me 6 years to achieve.

    I’m sorry the barfolas came back and I hope you are reaching the tail end of this. I had major nausea after lunch, was thinking of it. Seems to have been temporarily quelled with a bowl of vanilla gelato. But jeez, you have been a tough cookie through all of this. Was glad to hear you got some protein down the other day. Fingers crossed that you’ll be moving on to smoother waters soon.

  2. peeveme said

    It is somewhat weird to go from all infertility all the time to pregnancy. I have struggled with that as well. I think everyone can understand and if they can;t keep reading they at least wish you well. But yea, I am also very conscious of posting about pregnancy. But it’s your blog and your are pregnant and I know that what you post will be helpful and sensitive.

    Sorry you are having such a hard time with the m/s. I hope it continues to improve.

  3. Lisa said

    I continue to be struck by our similarities – 7 failed cycles and a DE pregnancy on cycle #8. I had a similar post last week. This is a part of our lives. Yes, we may be on a different path now, but, that doesn’t mean that, at times, we may post about our insecurities or the pain that will continue to linger in us. Obviously, I’m sticking around!

  4. Phoebe said

    Well, god forbid you have a miscarriage!! Though I may not be commenting on your blog, just understand it’s not you, it’s me. It’s just too hard right now. Many wishes on a healthy and happy pregnancy!!

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