Things have been going along pretty OK in the belly department.  I am not exactly barf-free but the nausea situation in general is pretty manageable.  This may sound kind of weird but I feel like I am now having “normal” morning sickness… the kind where as long as you eat regularly and in not too big portions you can avoid most of the gagging and barfing.  What a sweet, sweet thing that is.

So.  Today I went to the GYM again and I did weight-lifting for the first time in 5 weeks.  I had been doing a progressive weight-lifting program before I got pregnant and had gotten pretty buff.  My assumption was that I probably lost most of my ‘extra’ muscle mass over the last couple of weeks or barfy starvation, so I started the program over again at the beginning and reduced all my weights to pathetic little baby weights.  That seemed about right, because despite my pathetic performance on the elliptical on Monday, today I could actually do my whole weight-lifting program.  Compared to early pregnancy, I am having a lot less problems with dizziness, racing heartbeat, etc., I guess my body has gotten used to the new cardiovascular situation.    And even though I was using pretty wimpy weight, every time I looked around at the buff sweaty guys grunting through their workouts with giant weights around me, I thought to myself, “I am not only lifting weights, I am also making an entire whole new human being with my body at the same time!  Take that, buff guys!”

I gotta say that watching my form in the mirror also made abundantly clear that the boob situation has gotten a little out of hand and there is definitely some belly action going on too, though I am sure my fellow gym goers still see it purely as pudge.

In any case, the feeling at the end of the workout of wobbley legs and sore arms was priceless.  Ah, a good workout again at last.   I got kind of nauseous at the end of the workout so I showered, packed up my stuff and raced home, hoping to barf in peace.  It was only when I got home and saw myself in the mirror that I realized that in my hurry I had forgotten to comb my hair.  Oops.  And then I realized I had skipped that ole deodorant step too.  Hey, who needs it?  I always smell like a fairy princess.

Oh, and I also got a tiny bit of WORK done today, too.  Man, I impress myself.


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  1. chicklet said

    I’m so so glad the nausea is fading for you. Being able to get some work done AND go to the gym – let alone being motivated to GO – huge kudos:-)

    Bump picture?

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