Things I did not know about being pregnant

Although I have been pregnant several times before now, I never made it past 7 weeks.  Now that I have done so a whole new face of pregnancy has been opened to me.  Here is a list of things I have learned since I got pregnant.

  1. I am physically capable of gestating a real, live baby through the entire 1st trimester.  That is a f*cking miracle which I definitely did not believe before this pregnancy.
  2. I have a great hubby.  OK, I knew that beforehand, but 5 weeks of bringing me easy-to-digest chow on the sofa and caring for me with true love really cemented the deal.
  3. Pregnancy gives you an uncomfortably stuffed-up, snotty, bloody, clotty nose.  Who knew that was a pregnancy symptom?  Are people in the 2ww going “I had to blow my nose for 10 minutes when I woke up, I must be pregnant!”?  Well, they should, because it is one of the most insistent pregnancy effects.
  4. Your first pregnancy bump is not made of baby, but of fat and bloated intestine which your uterus shoved out of the way and whose digestive prowess has been massively reduced by the progesterone your body is pumping out and/or getting pumped in.  Even if you were reasonably thin to start out with and do not gain weight in your early pregnancy.  And the bump is way way bigger in the evening than in the morning.  You can plan that in if you want to be able to leave the house without people knowing about your state – just remember, you turn into a pumpkin after dinner.  Literally.
  5. Pregnancy is physically really demanding.  Don’t get me wrong, emotionally, it is obviously a million billion kajillion times better than a failed cycle.  But naive me thought that you could just go through pregnancy following your usual life, do lots of exercise, etc., maybe slowing down in the end when you get to be the size of an elephant.  OK, some people can do that, but lots of people have to go to bed at 7pm etc.  It is unbelievable how wiped out a tiny little parasite less than an inch long can make you.  A couple of weeks ago, prior to the hyperemesis debacle, I had posted that I want twins.  Can I tell you how happy I am that it is a singleton?  I really don’t know how I would have physically survived a twin pregnancy.  Sure, I had read before the blogs of people who managed to get knocked up through infertility pregnancies, and I had read about long bed rests, hospital stays, IVs, etc., but the misery they went through was always eclipsed for me by their incredible fortune to be pregnant.  I never really heard it.  And it is a fortune, don’t get me wrong, but that also doesn’t take away that it is a real physical challenge.


  1. Liv said

    I love your first realization. But the snotty, bloody nose? Ewww. LOL! :o)

    Definitely filing #4 and turning into a pumpkin at night just in case. Now, if only I can find that glass slipper first, for the pumpkin to arrive!

  2. chicklet said

    Yea, the nose thing got me too – well, not that I’ve had that, but more that I’ve had a stuffed up nose, and popping ears all the time. They claim it’s related to your membranes, which is just soooooo messed up that our bodies do this!

    The new one for me is sun sensitivity – I burn in like 10min. It’s crazy. Whoda thunk it!

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