The Inside-the-Belly Update

We went to the OB this morning.  I whipped out the list of questions and #1 was “Can you please check if the baby is still alive?”  She looked a bit startled, then said “That’s right, you can’t feel it moving yet.  Sure, we will check it.” And it is still alive (or at least was this morning).  Not only was it alive, but it was doing some kind of crazy fetal yoga.  It had its legs straight, with the feet up behind its head.  Man, talk about flexible.

Not only that, but I confessed tearfully that I had accidentally eaten some raw salmon (we had gotten a fancy “amuse” at a hoity toity restaurant and it wasn’t until after I polished it off that I realized it was raw).  She said, “That is no problem, it is only raw meat that you need to worry about, raw fish doesn’t matter.”  Phew!  I can stop berating myself over that one.



  1. Eve said

    On your previous post…yes bloating is the same as feeling preggo. When it changes, though, is when you start to feel a goldfish swimming in your belly, and then that turns to frog swimming, and then finally an ALIEN gyrating!

    Glad to know raw fish are ok. I craved tuna so much when I was preggo, but had to limit myself to one serving a week because of the mercury. I also snuck a little feta cheese now and then (even though I wasn’t supposed to). I mean, really, some women some CRACK, you know. What’s one little pinch of feta?

    Eve (

    • nishkanu said

      My understanding is that feta is fine as long as it is pasteurized. And if anyone knows differently, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know!

      Re raw fish, I don’t think I will be snarfing down the sushi because it just seems wrong, but I know in Japan sushi is #1 preggo food and I read an interesting article a while back in the NY Times explaining why it’s actually fine to eat sushi fish (which is flash frozen before consumption) despite all the hype against it.

  2. Eve said

    Um, that’s supposed to say ‘SMOKE CRACK”. Oops, I guess that crack I just smoked is interfering with my blogging this morning.

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