Now at 19.5 weeks, I gotta say, things are getting more noticeably pregnant around here. Just a few days ago, I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “Oh, people probably still think I was just a bit pudgey…” but now?  Not so much.  Thursday I was wiped out, I went to bed early and slept 11 hours, got up on Friday and could swear I was a size bigger.  Friday I was wiped out too, plus nauseous, and despite the massive sleep the night before I had to take a 3 hour nap in the morning and ended up going to bed early that night too for another 10.5 hour sleep binge.  I would have liked to have had a bit more energy, but I consoled myself with a random tidbit that I read somewhere that when you are really wiped out it means the little one is having a growth spurt.  I don’t know if it is really true but it makes me feel better about sometimes having zero energy, so I choose to believe it.  Then I woke up Saturday morning and I would swear to you that I was another size bigger even than Friday.  Didn’t need a nap on Saturday so hopefully I get a reprieve in the continual inflation for a few days.  Folks here in RIR-land – who knew me before I was pregnant – say it is pretty dang obvious now.

The coolest thing is that the little one is noticeably kicking every day or two and… yesterday the little one was starting up a new kick-fest and I put my hand on my belly.  Right after that s/he kicked so hard that you could actually feel it on the outside!!  No way did I expect that to happen so soon.  Too bad Mr. Nishkanu wasn’t around to feel it, I know he is waiting impatiently for the day when he gets a chance to be kicked, too.

The not so cool part is that the belly is starting to really itch with the skin getting so stretched out.  I am trying putting lotion on every day but to be frank I don’t think it makes one whit of difference.

The ladies here in RIR-land are planning a baby shower for me.  Now I have to say that baby showers are something I really hate.  I actually hated them already before I started TTCing (scars from awful baby shower games like the one where you have to guess the kind of ‘poo’ (melted chocolate bar) contained in various diapers), and 5 years in the trenches did not improve my attitude about them.  I had already made up my mind that if the folks back home wanted to throw a baby shower I would find ways to postpone or massively contain it.  But I don’t have the heart to say no to my dear friends here, who are all thoroughly excited for me, and it is really sweet that they want to do it, so I will grit my teeth and smile through it – bask in the love if not the baby-ness.

Many of them are (a) older than me and (b) had their babies very young so they have grandkids and great grandkids already even if by urban standards they aren’t really so old yet.  And they all love to talk about babies (including the ones that I know had a struggle with infertility).  I find my best strategy when they want to talk all things baby is to ask them about when they had their kids, which brings up tons of adventurous and amazing stories about how to have and rear babies in a very remote and isolated place.  Because this place is hard to get to, many of them had to leave already a month before their due date to go wait in a hotel near the hospital for their babies to be born.  One of my neighbors told me that on her 3rd and 4th kids she lied to everybody about her due date so that she could stay home longer.  With one of them, she actually ended up not going to the hospital until the day the kid came, unheard of here even now (her husband went into a major panic when she told him that her water broke… everything worked out fine though, but that was a bit lucky!).

I have been exercising regularly and am starting to notice that with the expanding belly it is really getting tougher.  Some of it is that I don’t have as much energy as before, and I am reluctant to go all out on the workout and push through the energy lows because I am probably then using up all my energy for the rest of the day.  Workout length has hence been reduced.  I’m also noticing that some positions for exercises, like being on all fours, are harder on my stomach muscles now that they are bulging out big time.  I’m looking forward, when I finally get back home, to actually taking prenatal fitness classes and having someone knowledgeable tell me how to modify exercises so that they are more comfortable.  On the plus side, though, my arm muscles, which had degenerated during the hyperemesis debacle, are finally getting buff n tough again, woo-hoo!

Hope you are all doing well out there in the big wide world!


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  1. chicklet said

    My workouts are a lot shorter too, and like you, I don’t want to push too hard cuz i need that energy, but I think as long as we’re doing something still, then we’re doing more than most, and we’re doing stuff that still will help us along the way.

    I do look forward to one day again, climbing a flight of stairs without getting winded though…

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