Finally back home

Long time no post – a little over a week ago I came back from RIR-land to my home town, where I haven’t lived in over a year, and Mr. Nishkanu and I have busily thrown ourselves into unpacking – home fixing-up – returning to ‘real’ work after a year of self-directed labours in foreign places – catching up with friends – etc.

It was great to see Mr. Nishkanu again after a month apart. He was impressed with the growing girth, which has only increased since I got back – I feel like one of those magic sponge toys that you throw into water and it just grows-grows-grows. The gazongas are also growing and so I had to buy new bras. As a consequence some of the stuff in my 95% borrowed, super fashionable maternity wardrobe (friends who can lend you EVERYTHING you need to wear are a treasure indeed, especially if there fashion sense is much greater than yours) no longer fits up top. Dang, you’d think they would leave room to grow up there.

As part of the reunion Mr. Nishkanu got to experience the joys of getting kicked by the baby. The first time I told him the baby was kicking he put his hand on the belly… nothing happened… then suddenly the baby moved! Immediately Mr. Nishkanu pulled his hand back like he had touched a hot stove, with a look of horror on his face. He then said in an attempt to reassure himself, “I’ll bet that was just gas in your intestines.” I said, “Honey, I can assure you, there are NO intestines where your hand was.” After he recovered from this experience he now likes getting kicked.

We also had our first visit to our hometown OB practice, where I told the midwife I really wanted to avoid a c-section. She said because of my age and because of my infertility history I am considered at increased risk for c-section. Age, ok, maybe that’s the way it is, but infertility history? How come having no decent eggs of my own should mean that now I can’t give birth on my own either? I don’t get it. And in my mind, having already had a bunch of early miscarriages, I don’t want any interventions (e.g. c-section scar) that could result in more miscarriages later. So we are thinking about shopping around for another practice, though that is pretty tough because we live in a small town so switching providers would require more travel than I would prefer to do when in labor.

I am 24 weeks today (man, who would have ever thought I would make it this far?) and the Mr. and I have started to realize that… maybe the baby will make it to term and maybe we should actually get ready for that. Mr. Nishkanu has thrown himself into a whirlwind of house projects, he just replaced the back steps which had crumbled in our absence and now he is plastering and repainting the baby nursery and my new study (my old study will now be the nursery). He is happy as a clam doing home renovations (for fun he watches This Old House) but still the list of things that really ought to happen before the baby comes is dauntingly long. We have also started collecting used baby stuff from various friends and neighbours, which is a pleasant alternative to spending time in the consumer wonderland of Babies R Us and friends and also saves the challenge of actually making decisions about what we should buy. It’s free? Sure, we’ll take it.

In other news my exercising took a nosedive during July, I started to have less and less energy and more and more discomfort while exercising which hit my motivation pretty badly. Now that I am back in a real town and not in the butt of nowhere I have started aqua fitness and will be starting prenatal yoga shortly. Aqua fitness is pretty funny, since I am by decades the youngest one in the pool (including the instructor). I didn’t expect a lot of it (after all, until recently hard-core weight-lifting was more my speed) and it wasn’t the toughest workout – thank god – but it was surprisingly fun – I like novelty and there is certainly novelty in exercising in the water with this bunch. Plus no stomach discomfort while floating in the water – score! I also got some prenatal fitness DVD’s, anyone out there who wants to have their prenatal batooshka massively walloped should check out The Perfect Pregnancy Workout Vol. 1 with Karyne Steben, a Cirque de Soleil acrobat who is mind-bogglingly buff (and pregnant) and pulls no punches. Holy poo, it was tough. But if she can do it, I can do it. Maybe.

So all in all life just continues without any major bumps in the road at the moment, actually a rather disconcerting experience when you are used to the high drama of infertility. But I am sure we can manufacture some anxiety soon enough…



  1. C-section? Whaaa? Holy crapola, I hope I don’t get that line. Seeing OB this week, will run that one by her. I think it’s hogwash, personally. Hold your ground, if you can, sistah.

    Glad you are traveled safely and that all is well.

    “But I am sure we can manufacture some anxiety soon enough…” > ROFL

  2. Ana said

    Glad you’re back! Def. interview some more doctors—i’m not sure I get the logic of c-section risk due to IF…
    Let us know what kinds of items you have deemed useful for the nursery!

  3. lisadg said

    24 weeks- that’s a milestone! I am happy for you that you are settling in and that you enjoying the kicks. I admire you for your perspective and grace…living in a small town myself, I did most of my maternity shopping online. I also had the fashionable pot luck maternity clothes duffle bag passed on to me..good luck in the coming weeks…

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