A random update

A couple of updates just to let you know how things are going… I am still pregnant and the baby is still kicking around so overall I would say things are going A-OK. A few months ago I was nervous about whether I would ever actually enjoy being pregnant and I hoped that the baby kicking would make a difference (and scared about what would happen if it didn’t). Well, I am happy to report that baby kicking does make a difference. Yes, my figure looks like a giant egg, there are fat deposits, err I mean “future baby snacks” as I like to call them, showing up in places where I would prefer not to have quite so much, I sometimes start huffing and puffing from walking up the stairs even though I am still exercising 4 times a week, and heartburn sometimes keeps me up half the night, but who the heck cares, the little one is around and alive.

I am now 27 weeks so in one more week we have hit the major milestone that, if the baby is born early, it has an excellent chance for survival. Not that that is any guarantee it will make it, God knows, but on the other hand being born alive is no guarantee it will live to adulthood either, so it’s starting to feel more like a manageable risk-of-life rather than a my-personal-nightmare-of-loss kind of situation.

In the exercise department, I have been doing water aerobics twice a week, prenatal yoga once a week, and weight lifting once a week (using a program developed by a personal trainer which my workplace supplies to me for almost free as part of our employee wellness program, that is pretty sweet). I love the water aerobics class, even though it is not what I would normally find very challenging (and yes I am normally one of those people who is disappointed if I am not wrung out like a wet rag by the end of the workout), but I can have the joy of moving around without worrying about hurting anything, I don’t get exhausted right away, and nobody can see I am a giant egg when I am under water. My prenatal yoga class is fabulous and I always feel a lot better afterwards. And it is nice to still do a little bit of weight-lifting even though it doesn’t remotely approximate what I was doing a few months ago.

In the health provider news, I visited a new provider (midwife with an in-hospital birthing center) who is about 50 minutes from my house. The new provider is pretty much exactly everything I would want, has a very low c-section rate (5-10%) and saw no need for inducing before 42 weeks or for thinking that my infertility history/DE pregnancy should get me a fast ticket to a c-section. You can even give birth in the tub if you want. I was amazed to discover that most of the stuff I would have wanted in my birth plan (e.g. being able to eat, double stitching of the uterus in case of a c-section) is just standard practice with this provider/hospital. That is so relaxing.

The one downside is the giant drive. I have never been in labor before but I have had some pretty severe pain after miscarriages which I imagine might be similar, and the thought of riding in the car for almost an hour while I am trying to deal with that kind of pain does not sound really attractive. So we are going back to our in-town, 10 minute drive provider one more time to discuss the situation with them, then we will decide (and by “we” I mean “I”, although Mr. Nishkanu does not 100% agree about that – he is very nervous that I will give birth in the middle of nowhere on the way to the hospital).

We have also signed up for childbirth education classes. Here is the weird thing… we just got the roster of people signed up for the class… there is only one other couple signed up for our course… where the husband is one of Mr. Nishkanu’s work colleagues. It is going to be a bit weird to be chatting about personal birth stuff with him every week, especially for Mr. Nishkanu, and probably even weirder for Mr. Colleague since he is junior to Mr. Nishkanu. We knew that they were signed up for it but we thought there would be lots of other couples there to water down the situation a bit. But no, it will be intimate togetherness. One of the joys of living in a small town, I guess.

Mr. Nishkanu has been in a major home renovation fit – every day after dinner he is off to go do some painting, sanding, etc. and he mostly seems to really be enjoying it, although occasionally you hear a curse wafting through the air as he discovers that some excellent plan for rewiring has just hit a major snag. He just finished my new study last night (hooray!), next he will polish off the nursery, then he has his eye on the bathroom. It is his way of nesting, I suppose.

That’s about it, nothing dramatic to report, that’s the way we like things around here.



  1. Rachel said

    Uneventful is definitely good. But birthing plans? Holey potatoes, batman, I need to get on the ball.

  2. Carrie said

    So glad things are going so well with your pregnancy! It is so nice to be almost to 28 weeks, right? I am counting the days (as you know…). How exciting to be doing birth plans!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Some mindless and unupsetting TV might be just what I need! 🙂

  3. chicklet said

    I read above that you’re sick, which blows, cuz that’s one of my paranoia things right now that I’d really really REALLY like to avoid (cuz I can’t take drugs to get through it).

    But on the movement, and the heartburn, and the exercise – well you’re rocking it! Woohoo! I huff and puff quite easily now too, but once you get past that, you feel so good for having carried on:-). And if it’s any consolation, my heartburn’s got me up a couple times a night too, as well as all throughout the day and evening, and particularly at the gym. I have no magic tips unfortunately – all the damn “tricks” don’t work on me. I hope you find something that works?

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