Flu update

Went in to the midwife today to get checked out. On the way there determined that it probably wasn’t very smart of me to drive myself, my concentration is pretty nonexistent. Got handed a face mask at the door and escorted to the quarantine room to wait – which I appreciated because I really didn’t want to be around others and chance infecting anybody. ‘Cause this illness, whatever it is, pretty much sucks.

The midwife checked me for pneumonia which I really appreciated because breathing is definitely getting harder. The good news is (a) probably not swine flu, probably just a cold (b) no pneumonia, breathing problems are probably caused by my asthma (I have extremely mild asthma which I usually forget about but which becomes relevant when I get a chest cold). Nevertheless being pregnant and asthmatic and having a nasty cold is not a good combo, so she told me to get in bed and stay in bed for god’s sake. I have some major deadlines at work but… oh well. Came home, cancelled everything I could cancel, and went to sleep.

If I do develop a fever I have to go back in and go on Tamiflu. Nevertheless the appointment really reassured me, I had convinced myself before going in that I had pneumonia and it would be straight to the hospital with me. It was good to hear that that’s not necessary, at least not yet. Funny, even when I had the hyperemesis and felt pretty much as awful as I ever had in my life I never really worried about it, I just felt miserable. But with this stuff for the first time I really started to worry that it might really be serious this time, reading the statistics about 6-10 times increased death rate for pregnant women put the fear into my heart. Worrrying doesn’t help matters any, so I tried to kill it, but not much luck there. The appointment helped though. Hopefully things stay on course and I’ll get better soon.



  1. Bree said

    Yikes, now THAT is scary. I’m glad that it doesn’t look like flu, and glad that you were somewhat reassured by the appointment. I hope you get better soon!

  2. Very glad you’re doing better and that it’s not H1N1.

    FWIW, the ‘numbers’ you’ve seen in the media about what percentage of pregnant women getting this is not accurate. The H1N1 numbers stopped being accurate quite some time ago. Many countries stopped reporting or are only allowing self-reporting. So… the media is pumping a lot of figures, but most of them are totally inaccurate. As they were with the last flu scare.

    Wishing you a fast and smooth recovery!

  3. *I meant to say getting H1N1 AND dying from it… don’t believe everything you read on that, seriously.

    Also, it’s already been reported in the NYTimes that this flu is simply not acting like the virulent, dangerous virus that they claimed it would be. Yes, it’s spreading, but no worse than any other flu in a flu season. And it’s not mutating, so no ‘super bug’ to worry about either.

  4. Lisa said

    Ugh, feel better!!!

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