Getting better

Wanted to let y’all know that I am starting to do a lot better. Yesterday I thought I was better, so I ran some errands in the morning, and paid for it all afternoon with headache and coughing and general feeling-terribleness (note: I used hand sanitizer compulsively while running errands, I am not spreading this non-H1N1 cold around). After resting most of today I am starting to think that I may actually be able to go to work tomorrow. Except that I have been told that if I am still coughing I should stay at home. This scenario is pretty likely because I have cough-variant asthma which gets triggered every time I have a cold. Well, we’ll see, there’s plenty of work for me to catch up on at home even if I don’t “get” to go in.

Why is my work being so hard-core about my cough? …. because someone at work died of H1N1. I know this is horrible to say, but thankfully it is no one I know (I lost two colleagues suddenly already this year and that was enough). But it is an awful tragedy still and it reminds me that even though for the vast majority of people H1N1 is not a big deal for some people it is as bad as it gets. Especially people with special risks for complication. Like, say, asthma and pregnancy. And that makes me nervous about going to work, because despite the general ban on coming-in-sick I know a lot of people are still coming in sick. Please have some pity on us high-risk types, folks! It ain’t a cakewalk for all of us!


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  1. AM said

    That’s horrible, someone dying at your company from H1N1, but I’m so glad to read that you’re improving. Still, probably a really good idea to work from home as much as possible. People are always going to show up sick and there’s no way to control for that.

    (Yes, I know I sound paranoid. Bloody hell… I really hope I get over that soon!)

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