The shopping list

Those of you who have been reading here for a while know about my non-enthusiasm for all things baby-shopping-related. This is in part from the usual coping mechanism of “baby? what baby?” to keep me from freaking out about the possibility of there actually being a real baby that something bad could happen to, and partly from my bad attitude about consumer culture in general and in particular the “you must buy x,y,z, and get the fanciest one of each” siren call of consumer parenthood. I just don’t wanna.

Nevertheless I am now in the 3rd trimester and Mr. Nishkanu and I have come to accept that we actually will need to purchase or otherwise acquire some baby paraphernalia before said baby actually shows up. So, I finally sat down and worked out the giant baby shopping list, which I hope is more or less pared down to the bare essentials.

In the hopes that this might be useful to other people in a similar mindspace, here is my masterpiece. It was constructed using a combination of advice from mothers that I know and The Expectant Parents’ Companion, a very short, easy-to-read book that aims to simplify as much as possible life with baby and especially baby equipment – I highly recommend this if you have a similar attitude issue to me.

A shopping list for someone who doesn’t want to get a lot of baby stuff

? = optional, at least doesn’t need to be in hand before baby comes

? Dresser (not baby dresser, a regular one)
Changing pad
? and something to secure it tightly to dresser if you plan to use it on a dresser
Waterproof mattress cover – for us
2 waterproof sheets for crib – flat
2 quilted mattress pads
4 crib sheets
? Rocker/Glider
? Footstool for nursing
Laundry hamper

Baby carrier
? Stroller
? Shade for car window

HYGIENE [Note: we will be using diaper service + some disposables]
Baby bathtub
Cloth diaper covers for diaper service
Disposable diapers
Baby laundry detergent (no perfumes etc.)
Diaper pail (does not need to be officially for diapers)
Diaper bag (does not need to be officially for diapers)
– A portable changing pad if there isn’t one built into the bag
Bum cream
Shampoo and body wash
– For soap you can also use neutrogena, dove, and similar – does not have to be “baby” type

? Fine-toothed comb
? Soft brush
Baby nail clippers
Baby oil

? Baby monitor (need depends on size of house)
? Play yard
First aid kit:
– Cotton swabs and alcohol
– Rectal thermometer plus disposable covers
– Petroleum jelly to lubricate previous
– Nasal aspirator and saline drops
– Infant-strength tylenol
– Calibrated dropper and measuring-pouring spoon
– Ice packs
– Hydrogen peroxide
– Band-aids in various shapes
– Gauze pads and first-aid tape
– Antibiotic ointment
– First-aid book

? Pacifiers
? Swing
? Bouncer seat – not expensive
– Only get one of swing OR bouncer.
? CD player for nursery
? Rain sounds CD (soothing for baby)
? Mobile for over crib or changing table

CLOTHES – get clothes in size 3-6 months, not newborn
1-2 hooded towels
2-4 washcloths
3-6 undershirts
4-8 body suits – short and long sleeve
4-8 lightweight sleepers – “stretchies”
2-4 rompers/coveralls
2-4 infant gowns / kimonos
2-4 blanket sleepers
1-2 sweaters
3-6 pairs of socks
2-4 hats – 1-2 should be lightweight cotton newborn caps, 1-2 heavy cotton/acrylic/polar fleece that cover ears for outside
1 snowsuit or bunting

NURSING [Note: planning to nurse plus pump]
? Soft light (e.g. dimmer on main light, or nightlight, or lamp with low-wattage bulb) to allow changing at night
Nursing bras – buy 2 or 3 in the last weeks of pregnancy and wait with the rest until you know what size you need
? Nursing coverups
? Nursing shirts
? Pyjamas comfy for bed + nursing
? Nursing pillow with covers – Boppy or My Brest Friend
? Cooler to keep by bed with snacks and drinks
Medical-grade lanolin
? The Nursing Mother’s Companion

? Storage bags for frozen milk
? Bottles
? Nipples (slow, medium, and fast flow models)
? Breast pump

Now that isn’t really too bad…. I hope. And hopefully I can beg, borrow, or steal most of that.



  1. Ana said

    Great list. Its similar to mine except I wasn’t sure about the clothing size—I’ve read/heard different things about how quickly they grow out of the little stuff. I’m trying to buy/get (or at least pick out) most things BEFORE baby comes because I think I won’t want to worry about it later, even if its needed later. I am torn about the rocker/glider thing. Its listed everywhere as a necessity, yet I’m fairly certain women have breastfed (and still do!) without this particular item of furniture…I’ll need to ask more people about this & how helpful it REALLY was.

  2. That’s a good list, very similar to mine…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My advice: Craigslist and whatever local parents group/network you can find. I’m finding deals galore in the baby department. There is so much gently used stuff out there that it really doesn’t make sense to buy a lot of it new, and you’ll save loads. Bought a Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion mobile (supposedly one of the best) yesterday for next to nothing. If you’ve read my blog, you know I paid less than $200 for our crib and changing table. There is NO need to buy all this crap new with the exception of the obvious (diapers, bath tubs or anything else that could be contaminated and is hard to wash.) Tip: do not buy breast pumps used; I read that bacteria can accumulate once they are used more than 1-2 times.

    It is scary to buy this stuff, but it’s really fun too. I hope you can enjoy at least a bit of it. You deserve that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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