Freudian humour

Mr. Nishkanu: That’s a great outfit.
Nishkanu: Thank you.
Mr. Nishkanu: You look so… fruitful. No…. fertile. No… maternal.
Nishkanu: frowns
Mr. Nishkanu: What? What’s wrong with maternal?
Nishkanu: It doesn’t sound very sexy.
Mr. Nishkanu: Hey, just ask Oedipus!
Nishkanu: I think that is the weirdest thing you have said to me in a long time.



  1. Kymberli said

    ROFLMAO!!! I’m having a good chuckle down here over that one!

  2. Lisa DG said

    That laugh just made my morning!

  3. chicklet said


  4. Carrie said

    That is hilarious! I never knew Oedipal complexes were sexy- but now I do!!!

    Thanks for the cheers, too. We soak up the encouargement around here!

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