Things men regret saying

Nishkanu: How do you think we will want to have baby #2? Do you want to adopt, or do you think we should do DE again?

Mr. Nishkanu: I think we should do DE. That was pretty easy.

Nishkanu: Which part do you mean was easy? Do you mean the part where we had to do 3 donor cycles before something stuck? Or was it the part where I could do nothing but lie on the sofa for 3 months?



  1. My husband has suddenly decided that PIO shots are unacceptable because I shouted at him last night (because he stabbed me with the needle, and it hurt, so I screamed OUCH! and he pulled the blingin’blangin’ needle OUT! And so had to stab me a second time while I cried because it just hurt so bad). But before then, these shots were sort of okay with him. But the second that the stress boiled up and rained down on HIS shoulders, it was all about how “we” couldn’t do this anymore. Really? Because the prior four days have been an effin’ picnic for me??? Every now and then he chimes in with a “Oh, I’d take the shots for you if I could!!!” which just proves to me that he doesn’t get it, because no one who had dealt with these shots would wish this kind of hell on anyone else.

    Poor guys just really don’t get it sometimes…

  2. Ana said

    Ha! Its funny how guys are like that. My husband is ready to try for #2 as soon as #1 is out! Ummm. yeah. Not ready for first trimester again QUITE yet (though we all know its not going to happen that quickly)

  3. Lisa DG said

    Such a guy thing. Sounds like something my hubby would say.

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