Thar she blows!

According to Mr. Nishkanu I have officially graduated from “walrus” to “beluga whale” status. Note: he is allowed to say such things because he also thinks being massively pregnant is sexy and he says things like “you haven’t gotten any bigger from behind at all, just when you turn sideways then a person says ‘oh my god!'” I always like hearing “it’s just in your belly” even if it’s not true.

I have been getting kind of self-conscious about my size. I have never been a skinny person nor a fat person, I have pretty much always been an average person. And now I suppose I am pregnant in an average kind of way. While I have never been self-conscious about being average I now look at my reflection with some horror. The view down towards my stomach area is surreal – who left this giant thing here? But I think the biggest issue is actually that in our society a woman isn’t supposed to take up so much space. I am starting to feel a lot of sympathy with obese women, even though no one says anything to me about being way too big for what a lady is supposed to be (though sometimes people chuckle when they see me!) I hear the voice in my head pretty loud. And if it’s like that for someone who is not normally self-conscious about this stuff it must be awful for people who normally have body image issues.

Overall though things are going fine. I am definitely slowing down but that’s OK. I am pretty much my own boss at work so I cut myself down to 35 hours a week and this helped a lot – not arriving at home so exhausted that I can’t do anything but lie on the sofa any more. In a few weeks I will cut down some more to 30 hours.

Mr. Nishkanu has been slaving away on renovations. Our bathroom is about halfway done (he has been wisely doing the renovations such that we can still use the bathroom even while he is redoing stuff), and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe soon we will actually be able to clean out the bathroom parts out of the nursery and actually have some peace and order around here.

Sleep has been a bit of a challenge, and there have been some days when after 4 or 5 hours of sleep the alarm goes off for me to go to my early-morning aqua aerobics class and I realize that if I go it will be at the penalty of being a zombie the rest of the day. So exercise has dried up a little. The fact that my lungs are only a few inches tall now as far as I can tell (my uterus is definitely taking all the space up to my ribs) doesn’t help matters any. Hopefully the base of fitness I have built up in the past will keep things from degrading too much over the next couple of weeks/months.

The little one moves around a lot. I have been doing kick counts for the last week or two, you are supposed to get at least 10 movements in 2 hours. I generally get 10 movements in 5 minutes. The longest it ever took was 10 minutes. I very much appreciate the reassurance!

Nothing much interesting to tell, just wanted to give a life sign. Best wishes to all of you out there in your fertility struggles.



  1. Ana said

    Glad to hear (see?) things are going well…I hear you on the exhaustion…and its not a good time for low energy!!! (is it ever?) Surprisingly I have not had any body issues during pregnancy…I figure its the one time I don’t have to suck in the belly & worry about the muffintop. 🙂 HOwever, I am sure issues will arise very quickly post-partum…I don’t want to be asked “when’s the baby due?” when I return from maternity leave. I just don’t.

  2. chicklet said

    We only just recently finished our renos and got all the crap out of “the room” so I feel for you. But hopefully you’ll be like me and not deliver too early, so it won’t be a big deal. It means more stuff last-minute, but I’ve taken to just lying down on the floor… in that room… cuz moving to the couch is too hard.

    I really used to think pregnant women who whined a lot were making it all up, or just really liked the attention of whining, but I’ve hit a point where I get it – it IS all harder now, and it IS all more uncomfortable now. However, going to what you were writing about your fitness, and the point of this rambling, is I think you’ll have built up a good enough base that you’ll be okay. I think I’m only now struggling with stuff because I kept up such good fitness til now – I think your fitness will help you too:-)

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