Placental tidings

I went to the midwives today for my “how pesky is your placenta planning to be?” ultrasound.  This was the one that would determine whether they would schedule a c-section for me.


1) My placenta is now more than 4 cm from my cervix!!  For those of you who do not have the “pregnancy complications cheatsheet” by your side, that means that I am no longer considered to have a low-lying placenta and therefore do not need to schedule a c-section.

2) The baby isn’t breech any more, it has obediently turned head-down.  And that means I can throw out those sheets of advice on “how to turn a breech baby” which I have been collecting while waiting to see what the placenta felt like doing.

So, it looks like everything is good to go for a plain old regular vaginal delivery.  Of course, we all know that everything could still get screwed up, either before the delivery or during it, but two big bullets got dodged today.  Hooray!



  1. That’s fantastic news. Please give my compliments to your placenta on its excellent relocation choice.

  2. Kymberli said

    Wonderful news! I can’t believe that you’re so far along already!

  3. Lisa DG said

    Great news that things seem to be moving in the direction that you were hoping for…

  4. Ana said

    Yeah, wonderful news!!!
    Oddly enough—I got the same news on my ultrasound last week! It is very nice to know that you will likely not be having a c-section. (though I guess we are mentally prepared for it now, if it comes up for some other reason)

  5. Katie said

    That is excellent news!

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