I am at 36 weeks now.  And OK, call me an idiot, but I had no idea how totally wiped out a person gets in the last month of pregnancy.  I also have no idea how people work 40 hours a week up until the moment of their due date, as is standard in our “what? you expect any accomodation for your health issues? especially of the girly type?” country.  Monday I had a big day at work, by the afternoon I was wiped out completely, and the 3 hour infant safety + CPR class in the evening polished off whatever energy was remaining.  Tuesday I was still wiped out and it was only the existence of an appointment on my calendar in the late afternoon that kept me from going home and going to bed.  By evening I was so comatose even making mac & cheese out of the box for dinner was a major challenge.  I lay on the sofa cowering under the intimidating presence of the baby todo list saying “baby will be here soon!  won’t you be sorry you didn’t get me done!”  Tuesday night I had one of those classic late-pregnancy “wake up at 3 AM and never get back to sleep” nights.  By Wednesday I was such a zombie I couldn’t see straight.  I took the day off of work, figuring that I would sleep in the morning and then get caught up on work in the afternoon.  I did sleep in the morning (thank GOD!) but the afternoon was still total zombie mode.  Like just sitting and staring straight ahead was plenty of entertainment.  I started to get worried I would never have energy again.  Fortunately I slept OK Wednesday night (as in, woke up every few hours and had trouble getting back to sleep each time, but no wake period lasted more than half an hour) and today I am back into the half-dead zone rather than full-on zombie.

All this is making me look at my various to-do lists with a new eye.  I have a bunch of stuff to get done at work before I go on maternity leave that is really important… and which until now I haven’t really had time or energy to work on.  Uh, that time and energy does not look to be in my future either.  And the home to-do list?  Let’s just say that is getting firmly shoved in Mr. Nishkanu’s direction.   Today I am going in to work and taking an axe to my appointments and commitments, to make sure I can get those key things in still.  Folks, from now until the day the little one decides to come, the priority around here is going to be resting up.



  1. I could have written this post. You take care of yourself, m’ dear. Everything else will get taken care of or doesn’t matter.

    I’ve been telling myself that all I really need in those first few days is a car seat, diapers, clothes (which I have plenty of now), clean sheets on the bed and changing table… and everything else will be fine. I’m still going to try to get lots more done before then, but we’ll see what actually does get done.

    Have you tried cat naps? I’ve tried 15 minute naps a few times as was amazed at how much they helped. Just a thought.

    Hang in there!

    • nishkanu said

      Yeah, your recent posts have rung a bell with me too :). Thanks for the suggestion. Catnaps don’t work so great for me because there is nowhere to nap at work. I guess I could crawl under the desk but there is a glass wall to my office and that would be… a topic of conversation among my colleagues I don’t feel like dealing with!

  2. Lisa said

    I am way behind on reading and just catching up!

    I could have totally written this! I am a few days shy of 36 weeks and, for the first time, starting to feel really tired. I went to the doctor on Friday, drove over an hour for a business lunch, drove back and had to go back to the doctor for something and, by the time I got home, I was wiped!

    And, I’m with you on not understanding how people work up until the end! In fact, Monday is my last day of work! I’m starting my leave on Tuesday, at 36 weeks!! I’ve been working for 18 years – it will be nice to have a break before this little one comes along!! And, like you, our “get done before the baby list” is quite extensive!

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