Irritability of pregnancy, part II

Sorry my recent posts have not been super sunny positive.  It’s not that things are going badly, everything is fine really.  Nevertheless I will once again give vent to some frustration.

Today’s appointment at the midwives, this time with a nurse practitioner who I hadn’t met previously.

NP: How are things going?

N: Well, I can’t walk around so much any more.

NP: That’s OK.

N: It’s making it hard for me to do my job. I was wondering if you would be able to write me a note that I could give my employer, so that they would give me a handicapped permit so I could park near where I work.

NP [Taking on a school-marmish tone]: No.  Pregnancy is not a handicap.

N: That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t change that I can’ t walk that far.  I have two offices that I have to work at, I can park near one but the other one is 20 minutes away. I get contractions if I try to walk that far, plus I am wiped out the rest of the day.  So what am I supposed to do?

NP [this is a direct quote]: Just tell your employer you can’t do that part of your job any more.

Gee, thanks for the  helpful suggestion!!   That sounds like a great solution.

She ended up giving me a note that said “please let Nishkanu park closer to her office” which I hope to god my employer will accept. Apparently it was the “h” word that set her off.  But I don’t really understand why if you hurt your leg and can’t walk far that is a “handicap” but if your cardiovascular system is so overloaded that you can’t walk far that is not a “handicap.”



  1. Ana said

    Hmmm. I guess there is a strict medical definition of what constitutes “handicap”, though a temporary permit that you could use for the next few weeks shouldn’t be a big deal, given how many oh-so-able-bodied people I see with handicap stickers parking in handicap spots! I hear you on the tiredness, and I’m a few weeks behind you. I can’t imagine how it’ll be in 3 more weeks! Thankfully I can still walk pretty far (though slow), since I have to walk all over 30 minutes to and from work every day. I am not looking forward to the day I’ll have to start paying for a smelly slow taxi ride each way!

  2. MMC said

    You’re absolutely right… there IS no difference between the hurt leg and your particular problems getting around. Her reasoning shows no common sense, since a short term handicapped designation seems totally logical and appropriate for the circumstances.

    God, I hate running into people like that at the best of times, much less when I’m pregnant. I’d probably lose my patience pretty badly, or just fall apart crying or something embarrassing. That would be exactly the kind of thing to trigger a big emotional scene with me these days. 🙂

  3. small heresies said

    My understanding is that the official definition of “handicapped” has gotten fairly strict in the last few years. I don’t understand all the nuances of it, either.

    My grandmother had a heart attack several weeks ago, and even then she couldn’t get the doc to write a letter that would qualify her for a handicapped spot, despite the fact that she can’t walk more than a few minutes without becoming exhausted.

    On account of a bad knee, my grandfather COULD get a tag, though he’s still easily capable of walking twenty minutes at a stretch. Go figure.

    This, too, shall pass! Your employer should happily make some allowances for you. Even pregnant women in the military get some concessions from Uncle Sam as their pregnancies become further advanced. 🙂

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