The product endorsement post

It is amazing how many consumer products I require in order to be able to have a shot at a good night’s sleep.  Every time I discover a new one I am worshipping at its altar… until a new problem crops up that will require new products to solve.   In case this is helpful to other folks struggling with the same issues, here is what I need in order to sleep:

1. T.ums (or actually the generic version).  I have them on the bedside table and if I wake up in the middle of the night getting slayed by heartburn, in they go.  Z.antac (or actually the generic version) actually works a lot better.  Today I had one for lunch and in the afternoon thought to myself “weird…  I don’t have heartburn.  I wonder why not?”  A minute later, “Duh, I took a z.antac.”

2. A wedge pillow.  These are intended to elevate your upper torso so that the stuff has a harder time crawling out of your stomach and into your esophagus to torture you at night.  Key for heartburn management.

3. At least two regular pillows.  One for my head, one available for tucking under my belly to prop it up or to jam in the small of my back for some extra support.  On a bad heartburn night, both required to prop me up so I can sleep in a semi-reclined position.  That is, if I were able to sleep in that position.  But at least they make the heartburn less painful.

4. A giant body pillow.  I didn’t get the fancy pregnancy ones, just a run of the mill 4 foot long pillow from the local store.  It is great, it is possible to develop quite an unnatural attachment to this thing.  I can cuddle up with it and it supports my belly while keeping my hips and feet at a good angle.  If my little one will let me, I could prop myself sideways onto it in a passing resemblance to what in the old days was sleeping on my stomach.  And I can lie on my back and prop one side of my body on it so that it is almost like really lying on my back…  at least I could until my belly got too big to support its weight.

The latest acquisition occurred after I couldn’t sleep for several nights last week because my nose was so stuffed I couldn’t breathe (as mentioned previously on this blog, as odd as it sounds, nasal congestion is a pregnancy symptom).  Sure, you can breathe through your mouth, but (a) it feels like cotton after about 2 minutes and (b) when you are sleeping on your side, sleeping with your mouth open is an invitation to drool.   So Friday night I was at the store in desperation, purchasing a package of Brea.the Right strips.  Those are those things that look kind of like bandaids that you glue on your nose and they are supposed to hold it open a bit so you can breathe better.  Holy moley, and do they ever work.  After acquiring this item I slept two nights  the whole night through (with the exception of the obligatory pee breaks) and by the end of the second night I was ready to personally declare the inventor of this product a saint.  Super congestion still there, but no problem with the breathing and hence no problem with the sleeping.  It is a miracle!!  I speak of them with such enthusiasm that Mr. Nishkanu wants to know when I am going to film my television commercial.

I have said before that I am not a big fan of consumer culture and the imperative to buy, buy, buy but for blessed, sweet sleep I will make an exception.  So those, my dears, are my product endorsements.


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