The dream

Almost every morning I regale Mr. Nishkanu with a blow-by-blow of my strangest dreams of the night before.  I never get any blow-by-blows back , because Mr. Nishkanu never remembers his dreams.  In all the time I have known him, more than 15 years, he has remembered his dreams twice.

Well, now three times.  Last night he dreamt that they had made a mistake on our ultrasounds, and we were actually having quintuplets.  I asked him if that was good news or bad news, he said “bad news! that was definitely bad! I was so stressed!”  I said “what  was stressful, coming up with 5 names?” (we still haven’t been able to agree on names for the little one) He said “Yes! that too!  That came up too!”  I said, “Hey, at least we wouldn’t have to do any more IVF!”

I guess  that the baby performance anxiety isn’t just affecting me these days…


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