Strange thoughts

Yesterday morning, on my way to water aerobics, a thought occurs to me… what if my water breaks while I am in the pool?  Would I even notice?  As a good post-loss pregnancy type my mind immediately races to the nightmare scenario… my water breaks in a big gush in the pool, I don’t notice, I walk around for days with my poor little one no longer having any cushioning for itself and its cord without realizing it, it dies of infection…

Then I realize, you sure as heck would notice if you pee in the pool, at least the feeling of warm fluid is a pretty key reminder.  If your water really broke in the pool you would for sure notice that too.  Phew!

Then, of course, my mind wandered to the next nightmare scenario.  If your water broke in the pool, how embarrassing would that be?  I mean, there is a sign that says “No urinating” and “No defecating.”  Even though there is no sign that says “No releasing a giant gush of amniotic fluid into the pool,” I’m pretty sure that people would put that in a similar category.  I can just see it in my mind’s eye…

N (raising hand tentatively): Excuse me, instructor?  I think it might be a good idea if we cancelled the rest of class.

A disembodied voice appears over the loudspeaker: “The pool is closed for maintenance.  Repeat: the pool is closed for maintenance.”

For sure it would be a water aerobics  class no one would ever forget…

Follow-up: I am happy to report I made it through class with no water breakage events.


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