Forecast brighter

I had my midwife appointment this morning and altogether it was pretty much as awesome as Monday’s was awful.

First was the non-stress test and biophysical profile.  To Mr. Nishkanu’s disappointment, the little one was not cooperative in a face shot during the ultrasound, but on the positive side it passed all its tests with ultra flying colors – a super happy and healthy baby.

After talking it over with the midwife, we decided to do the membrane sweep – she said that it might not make much of a difference, since the data collected on membrane sweeping is on doing it once a week from 37 weeks, not once at 41 weeks, but she also said that the negative risks, aside from discomfort of the procedure, are very, very small.  In fact, the procedure turned out not to be too painful, the midwife had a knack for it apparently.   And once you have had a uterine biopsy for embryo co-culture (“you might feel a little pressure”) all other forms of pain down there become relativized…

In general, the midwife said that everything looks good, I can coast for another 4 days on this good test.  On Monday I will go in for another test and they will start talking induction., and probably plan it for Tuesday (the day I am 41 weeks 6 days… that is starting to sound reasonable).  She also gave me tips to try at home to see if we can get things started before the induction.  There are a billion suggestions out there in the  world about what might get things going but here was the scoop she gave me:

1) People say sex will start labor, it won’t actually, but it can help to soften your cervix and get it ready to go, so not a bad idea (and it’s funny how enthusiastic the husbands are to help out).

2) People say walking will start labor, that is only true if you are already having contractions.  I’ve been having contractions for days so we’ll chalk that up to a yes.   She recommended especially walking uphill, as long as your heart rate doesn’t get too high.  The other couple that was in our childbirth class, it turns out, went into labor on the day the woman decided to walk into work up a big, giant hill… so anecdotal evidence supports this recommendation as well.

3) Nipple stimulation, she suggested 20 minutes every 3 hours with a breast pumping machine… holy poo, I am not sure I am up for labor jumpstarting attempts as a full-time job… but maybe this is a good reason to actually read the directions and see how it works…

Overall it was a very positive appointment.  I think when the other midwife on Monday was giving us the scare job with all the negative outcomes, she was talking about the outcomes of being “post dates” (ie. after 42 weeks) and not “overdue” (ie. after 40 weeks).  All in all I think we had a super non-communicative interaction, we were pissed off, she was pissed off… if she turns out to be the midwife on duty when I go in we will have to try to find a way to get on a different footing with her.  Kind of a bummer to have to deal with that when you are ALSO in labor, but on the other hand, it is in our interest to have a good relationship with her, so I guess we will have to make an effort.

The good news is my very favorite midwife is on call from Friday evening through Monday morning, so we have a pretty good chance of having her if we can get things going soon…

In the afternoon I had an acupuncture appointment in another bid to do anything that doesn’t seem risky to try to get stuff moving.  It was a pretty intense appointment, I got nauseated and dizzy several times and she had to reset the needles once to make sure I didn’t actually pass out on her.  I don’t know if it will help with getting labor started but in the “total miracle” department, she placed some needles as well to help with heartburn and for the first time in months I do not have heartburn tonight (even after eating sausages and brussel sprouts for dinner and drinking a nonalcoholic beer).

That’s the  scoop for now, stay tuned and find out what happens…


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