We are a family

After 6 days of Braxton-Hicks contractions, I woke up Friday night just after midnight and knew… “these are different.”  18 hours later our new little girl arrived in the world.  It was a long and grueling labor; active labor went relatively speedily but I got stuck in transition for 3 hours and pushed another 3.5.   A dose of temporary anesthesia after 2 hours of transition gave me an hour’s rest and made it possible to make it through the Iron Triathlon.  At the last minute during pushing her heartbeat dropped but we got her out quick and she perked up right away.   The hardest thing I’ve ever done but very, very worth it.

She is happy, healthy, mellow, and doing great.  When they were done making sure she was OK, we got to see her and said to each other, “how did we end up with such a beautiful baby?”  It is amazing to realize that she is the being who has been living in my belly for the last 9.5 months.  Mr. Nishkanu is a puddle of melted love and is taking great care of me and her. I always knew he would be a great dad and now he finally has the chance.

Hope to provide more details when I’m back on my feet more regularly (and can sit down – 3.5 hours of pushing has left a lot of pretty horrifying mementos).  For now the short stats:


6:11 pm

8 lbs 8 oz.

It’s a girl!

p.s. My great gratitude goes out to the inventors of… the donut pillow for sitting on, the sitz bath,  the nipple shield, and the My Brest Friend nursing pillow (despite the stupid name).



  1. Congratulations!

  2. MMC said

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you… just be sure to take care of yourselves.

    P.S. I hope the baby name debate was resolved amicably. 🙂

  3. Alllllllright! I had a feeling you were in labor, don’t know why. Congratulations and how wonderful it must feel to be on the other side! 8.8 is a big girl, no wonder you’ve got ouchies… I hope those heal quickly and soon.

    Hope to be joining you soon!

  4. Ana said

    Yeah!!!! Congratulations to you both, enjoy this time 🙂 This made my day!!!

  5. […] the meantime, be sure to hop on over to Nishkanu’s blog because OMG SHE HAD HER BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! Another DE success and miracle. Dontcha’ love a […]

  6. Liv said

    Hooray for baby girl Nishkanu!!!! I am so excited for you. Congratulatins to the whole family. I look forward to viewing your posts now as a new mom. Good luck and continued health to you all. (And hopefully your poor bum heals soon too!)

  7. phoebephoenix said

    Congratulations! Wow, that’s one big girl! You are an inspiration.

  8. Kami said

    Here from Onwards and Sideways . . . congratulations! A fellow DE mom here . . . not the same road, but somewhat similar.


  9. onepinkline said

    Congratulations! Thrilled for you. Can’t wait to hear more about her when you’re feeling up to it.

  10. Bee Cee said

    I got tears in my eyes just reading your post. Huge congratulations to you both. What a fantastic Christmas present!

  11. chicklet said

    Woohoo for a little girl! Congrats!

  12. a said


  13. cowgirltn said


  14. Wonderful news! Congratulations to you all and welcome to your daughter! May you all fall deeper in love with each passing day, although it’s a silly wish because it’s inevitable.

  15. Congratulations!!

    I actually like the name My Breast Friend (though I use the EZ 2 Nurse). My husband is a big fan of the name of my nursing bras, Bravado. So many fun puns when it comes to boobs… 😉

  16. Lisa said

    Forgive me for just getting to you now! With my little girl being born on 12/9, I cannot find the time to get online. But, I was thinking about you and wondering if you gave birth yet and I am sooooo happy to read this!! Congratulations to you and your husband and welcome to a very lucky little girl!!!

  17. peeveme said

    I am so thrilled for you. Congratulations! Wow,..8+ pounds!

  18. Lisa DG said

    this is great news! I am so happy for you. xoxo

  19. WOW! I am so late reading this, but CONGRATS to you all! Welcome to the world, wee one!

  20. tess said


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