Going back to work

Monday is my first day back at work.  I’ll be working part-time through August.  I also can work from home (except for meetings), good thing since the Nushka is not “quite” at that stage where I thought she would be, i.e. me proudly pumping giant bottles of breastmilk for her to enjoy while I am away.  My in-laws are here now so they will help with child-care and I just need to pop out of the office in order to dish up the ole boob.

Note: since her tongue-tie operation last week she has gotten a lot better at breastfeeding – she can eat from both boobs!  Baby, we have just doubled our pumpless milk-transfer capability.   Now “all” I have to do is double my milk production and we will be home free… well, I will work on it.

In any case, in the meantime, I went in for one meeting this week as kind of a trial run.  That’s when I realized… I’m stupid.  Yeah, sleep deprivation has pulled one over on me.  I didn’t really notice how dumb I have gotten when most of my activities were fairly brainless.  But at the meeting where I actually had to do some very minor mental gymnastics I realized that the ole memory is pretty much shot, or at least my access to it has been radically curtailed.  Holy poo, am I going to be dumb for at least several months.

I am really lucky that at my work you can take so many months at part-time but be paid full-time.  But if I had to do it over again, I would take unpaid leave for a few months before going back at part-time.  I’m looking forward to working some and getting back in the fray a bit, but I had no idea when I made my plans of just how much time childcare takes, and just how much joy it can bring…



  1. Ana said

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re going to be working again already! I think part-time work sounds ideal—you will still have time with baby (and if working from home, being able to nurse is a huge plus!), yet have that fulfillment that comes from accomplishing something other than milk production & diaper changes (that’s my feeling on it, anyways). Also, congrats on the wonderful progress with breastfeeding. I think its great that you kept going, despite the obstacles; but more importantly you kept going for the RIGHT reasons—i.e. it was fulfilling to YOU—instead of out of guilt or some sense of obligation.
    I do know what you mean about being stupid! I think its a combination or sleep-deprivation and just total emotional upheaval. I was asked to do some SIMPLE things for my work last week & it took 8 times as long as it should’ve. I’ve decided to decline any further requests for “quick” tasks until things start going a little more smoothly at home.

  2. lisadg said

    I’m wishing you luck in this juggling act. I think the work piece is what I am most worried about post delivery.

  3. mlj23741 said

    Its tough going back to work after a new one….congrats!

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